The purpose of PWLC is to provide the youth residing within the geographical boundaries of Eastern PWC a healthful, enjoyable leisure time activity and as a corollary to develop qualities that may help them in later life, sportsmanship, team play, and int


Lacrosse Drills

These drills are presented in PDF format:

Steps to Success
Ground Ball - Three Across the Field
Ground Ball - Out and Back
Ground Ball - Box Out
Ground Ball - Chaser
Men's 2 on 1 Ground Balls
Men's Pass Ground Balls
Men's Scooping Box Out 
Men's Riding After a Shot
Men's Riding After a Sideline Dead Ball
Men's Riding Off the End Line
Men's Transition 3 v 2 Full Field
Men's Transition 3 v 2 Initiate from X
Men's Transition 6 v 6 Scramble
Men's Midfield 4 v 3 Alley
Men's Out of Dodge
Men's Pick and Roll
Men's Feed the Crease 
Hopkins Up and Over Shooting
Hopkins Over and Down Shooting
Man/Ball Drill
Scoop and Clear
Change of Direction
Men's Split and Roll Dodge
Men's 1 v 1 Scramble/Recover Drill

Women's Give and Go
Women's Pick and Peel Ground Balls
Women's Pick and Roll
Women's Extend and Recover
Women's Four Point 1 v 1
Women's Pressure Ground Ball
Women's Amped Up Star Drill
Women's Grub Drill
Women's Midfield Add In Drill 
Women's Stickwork Inside the Center Circle
Women's Triangle Rotation Shooting
Women's Mirror Shooting Drill
Women's Cross Crease Finishing
Women's Monkey in the Middle
Women's 4-Corner Shooting 
Women's Circle Feed: GBs or Passes
Women's One Feeder Finishing Drill
Women's Rolling Numbers Drill

These drills are presented in DOC format:

Men's 4 on 4 Pressure
Men's Clears After the Shot
Men's Form Shooting
Men's Six Line Shooting

Women's 3 on 3 Across the Field
Women's 5 Point Shooting
Women's Double Feed Shooting
Women's Numbers Drill

These drills are presented in VIDEO format:

Men's Shooting Drills (3 presented)

Salisbury College Drills